uhmmm no wonder they tell you not to look at...

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... lol. XD

it's bad for your brain lol. too much stimulation. well. it's not like the brain is the only thing stimulated =X

my computer's being a biotch...i think i may know why. too much memory of these so called temporary internet files. but i think it could also be that they know what i'm looking at and the fact that i'm not supposed to gives the computer the right to fuck around with my wireless thing and make so that it loses connection at...the best part. how sad :(

hehe. nah my wireless thing is probably just in need of repairing, which i've been doing for the last 10 mins. but once i log back onto this site...it's perfectly fine. interesting...

yeah. i'm tired. i'm rambling. but i really don't care right now lol. yeash. i'm sorta bitchy 'cause of some "unfinished" business. but i'll be fine in a couple of minutes. maybe i can actually get my pics up in a lil bit. but if i don't get um up...then i've probably knocked out or i just...idk...forgot to 'cause i fell asleep lol.

tonight/this morning. is just not my night/morning.

how did we end up here?

okie. i gotta finish some things...i'll see ya'll tomorrow.

take cares.


...btw. i hope you weren't thinking i was lookin at porn lol. it was that gosh-forsaken site...myspace. i can't stand being on it. but duty calls when people comment lol.

they think i'm losing touch with society when i'm off for days...they think they're gonna die when they've only been off for an hour. how sad. but i'm off 'cause i absolutely hate it!!!



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MYSPACE? okay, that was just


okay, that was just mean. *pout*

Life is short: make fun of it.

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OMFG!!!! I really thought

OMFG!!!! I really thought you were talking about porn! And I was gonna send you a nice message to help you out with your unfinished business.....j/k! XD

I don't use MySpace. My older brother is totally nosey, and he always finds out my email address so he'd go snooping on myspace and stuff, and I don't like my brothers looking at my things. So, whatever. Anway, sleep my darling! You've been saying so much you're tired, so get your rest :D

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD

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hehe. well. to let you in on

hehe. well. to let you in on a lil secret...i was actually talking bout porn, but then i did have to go on myspace and my computer was being mean lol. so i changed it XD

aw that sucks. i no like nosey people. ahhh...sleep. wanna join me on my endless sleep trip...well. not endless 'cause i do wanna pass this yr and grad nxt yr lol. but yeah. ??

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"