What a very strange evening.

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At 3 in the morning I get a knock on my door. My front door is inaccessible btw.
I open up , and it turns out it's the police. In full cop garb.

Turns out we had forgotten to lock the security gate after mr delivery left last night, and they were just checking in to see if everything was ok.

I was pretty freaked out, since there was a joint lying in the ashtray on my coffee table (which is not visible from the front door, but would be if they came in at all.)

So after that, i go back to bed.. after taking something to calm my nerves.

Then I woke up this morning from a very strange dream, realizing that I was talking in my sleep.
Only thing is.. I realized I was TRYING TO SPEAK JAPANESE in my sleep!

And I got my projector back today. It has been out for repairs for 3 weeks. Guess who's watching heroes in style tonight.


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hahahhahahhahahaha!!!! Wow!

hahahhahahhahahaha!!!! Wow! That could have been a potentially awful situation, eh?! Or hot... *meh* maybe that's just me...depends on the cop, too... And about the dream... I'm into languages myself, but I don't think I've ever had dreams like that... but that's pretty funny.

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yeah but ..

i don't actually know japanese!

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Were these naughty policemen that turned up at your door, or the normal sort?

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