who am i???

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I am A Daughter

I am A Sister

I am a Friend

I am not afraid of death

I am 5' 6" ish, give or take an inch

My only full escape is snowboarding

I forget everything when im boarding

I love my life

I have worked hard to be the person I am

Too many people judge me

Im not afraid to get in someones face and make my opinion known

Im not afraid to stand up for what i believe in

I am screwing my future over with my current grades

I want to go to the moon, not theoretically, but literally

I am a nerd

I will take my friends any day over myself

My friends saved my life

I have a solid head on my shoulders

I know what i believe, and will NEVER let that be taken from me

I dont believe in God

I believe in the afterlife

I wish I had more courage

I believe i am a good friend

I am extreamly trustworthy

Too many people get to know my reputation before they get to know me

I have over 30 scars on my hands and wrists (I dont cut myself)

I believe trust is severly lacking in this world

I can let things roll off my back very easily

I am always laughing about something

Im true to myself and the world

If i have a smile on, Im happy, if Im frowning, Im sad, i dont fake

I dont release anger, i shut down

I believe anyone can do anything in this world

I believe things come and go from our lives at given intervals for designated purposes

I can get overly hyper

I dont have an abundance of friends, but the ones i have are the ones that took the time to get to know ME, so i know they'll always have my back

I worry that this world is slowly self distructing itself

I will never change myself for someone else

I am a movie buff

I love acting like a little kid

I believe Christmas when you're five years old is the best time you will ever have, because the magic hasnt been lost yet

I have a rough exterior, but am an amazing person inside

I have a 2 inch thick steel shell over me, and have a hard time opening up

I think people make too big of a deal over things

I believe certain things are tragic, but nothing can be done about it, so we need to just laugh alittle and let it run its course

I cry more than people think I do

I dont like showing emotion to the world

I am very tickelish

I will make something of myself in this world

I believe average isnt good enough

I believe you should never be afraid to stand up for whats right

I do my best to defy 'normal'

I always have my phone on, so if someone needs to talk, Im always open to talk, even at 2am

I sleep past noon on weekends and during the summer

I am a night person

I get extreamly angry if you wake me up for no reason by calling before noon for things such as a password to something

I can't wait for after high school

I am afraid of being judged

I enjoy being an idiot

I dont mind being called retarded, idiotic, stupid, crazy, nerdy, or anything else along those lines, because i am :)

I am afraid of the future more than anything else in this world

Im terrified of spiders

I would give up all my dreams for my friends

I believe if I can make one person on this earth smile only once, my life has been worth it

I have put people through hell for no reason

I cannot hold a grudge, because they're a waste of perfect happiness

Im afraid I'll be wrong about what happens after you die

I wish people could just stop and look around sometime

I love the stars, because i can always count on them

I go speachless looking at a clear night sky

I let things get to me more than i like to admit, or show to other people

I have been about 3 steps away from running away only twice in my life

I believe the worse feeling in this world is having the only truely safe place yanked out from under you

I am adicted to music

I have thought of what i want my funeral to be like

I keep a notebook of emotions ive experienced

I dont mind poetry

I constantly second guess myself and what people think of me

Im always afraid that people are simply polite to me, but do not really want to talk to me

My friends can make me feel like shit about myself, but i still go back to them as a best friend

I only truly hate one person in this world

I cannot stand how teachers always get me in trouble for what 10 otehr people are doing too

I hate being singled out in a crowd

I refuse to walk down certain hallways, because i hate blending into a crowd

I love nature

I prefer to be cold than hot

I can sit inside all day when its clear and sunny out, but if a drop of rain falls, i have to go outside

I love being soking wet

I shake when I'm scared or worked up

My fingers and toes are almost always numb

I am a huge husky fan

Im not sure what college i want to go to

I want to travel the world

If i had 1 million dollars, i wouldnt buy all sorts of crap for myself, Id buy a new roof for the house, a new deck, new carpets, new windows, repaint the house, and buy both of my parents very nice brand new cars, because they have never had enough for what they deserve

My sister can cheer me up through anything

I dont like jamba juice

I can smile in the worst of times, so me smiling doesnt mean im feeling better

I get annoyed easily

I love wandering aimlessly

I want a hundred dollar pair of ski goggles

I dont care if i match, unless its a bathing suit or my ski gear

I threw a fit and made my parents spend an extra 40 dollars for ski pants that matched my coat and board, as opposed to basic black

I refuse to dress up

My dream vacation is a ski trip to the Alps

I hate the united states

I hate bush

I am extreamly liberal, just like my family

I want to get a citizenship to a semi neutral country like Canada when im older

I would move to Canada if they had a better space program

I have gone through 3 portable CD players in about 6 months before

I have gone through 4 sets of headphones in less than a year

I love chick flicks

I hate horror movies

I hate big cities

I like the comfort of knowing my way around everywhere someplace

I love inside jokes

I love buying things randomly for friends, or just paying when we go out

I love talking to people on the phone

I love fall, because its the prettiest

I hate summer

I believe in good people

I believe there is a small bit of good in everyone

I judge people on how they look too much

I believe if you get to cocky, life will snap you back, and MAKE you look around

I smile randomly for no reason

I randomly spaz and my entire body flinches

I am very carefree

I hold to my promises, even the ones people dont remember i made

I want to have a large amount of money, not for myself, but so i can follow through on alot of things ive said in the past that i would do for people, and just to make other people's live better

Im a very jealous person

I would never change anything about myself if i had the choice

I never understood how you could catch snowflakes on your tounge, it didnt work for me

I am a very emotional person

I am a very sentimental person

I love my smile

I dont think im compleatly ugly

I love giving and recieving hugs

I think long distance and internet relationships are extreamly stupid

I dont see any problem with being a bitch, if its called for

I say what i think, im not fake about what i think or feel

I talk alot just because i need to, not because i want a response

Im an overall quiet person, you just might not have guessed it

I say alot to people, but never whats important

I am afraid of rejection

I hate anticipation

I hate surprises

I wish everyone would just calm down

I like taking pictures

I dont like kids

I will stand up and protect a friend without a second thought


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You sound a like me but thats a good thing.

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dude, monika, u posted this on ur myspace too, right?

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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yup, i did :D Never be

yup, i did :D

Never be afraid to stand up for whats right. If you lose your values, you've lost yourself, so dont let someone change you into someone you arnt. Don't be afraid of the punishment, Rejoyce in the freedom that let to it.

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it's amazing that you're so honest with everything. i always wish i could just state stuff like that. major props for that.