Yay! I love my glasses!

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I went and picked up my new glasses a few hours ago. This is my first pair EVER, and I love them! I wore them when my mom drove me home from the eyeglass store, and everything in my neighborhood looked different. I could actually see individual leaves on the trees, instead of a bunch of green blobs. I can see a lot more detail in my surroundings whenever I wear my glasses. Yay! Goodbye, nearsightedness!

I also got a haircut today for the first time in months. My bangs are no longer so long that they get in my eyes. The back of my hair is reeeeeally short, too. It exposes the nape of my neck.

My orange highlights have finally grown out of my hair. They used to be red, but they eventually faded and turned orange. I liked my highlights, but I'm glad my original hair color is back now. W00t!


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Where are the

Where are the PICTURES?

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.