Your Lover

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Leaves fell from trees in ragged streams
To greet the flight of autumn’s kiss;
Like golden tears they flew the night
In mourning for our parting.

That eve the moon betrayed the night
And glowed too bright for any sun;
A phantom sphere with silver sight
And a cape of weeping stars.

A wind deployed its faceless form
Between your hair’s soft waving strands,
As you released a simple death
Of words to me, your lover.

Distance called you, and you obeyed;
You flew with wings alive in grace
And hope that made the sun ashamed,
Which you stole from me, your lover.

You’ve vanished to the edge of night,
And sift the skies with nowhere songs;
But not even the sight
Of midnight at full flight
Can erase this light, your lover.


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thumbs up dude!!

Yet another brilliant one!

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