10 Good Reasons to Be a Lesbian

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Presented by a hot Norwedgian girl with amazing eyes.

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I like it but i think it

I like it but i think it more applies to butch lesbians not like lipstick lesbians. I felt like she was stereotyping lesbians but whatever i do the same thing so but it was good.. she's is HOTTTT

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She is hott!!

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Even I have to admit, she's

Even I have to admit, she's pretty nice loking... I dunno... *shrug*

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I know everyone's said it but...

She's hot! And I love her accent. It's so cute :D

Um..I don't think reason #8 with the whole potato chip analogy isn't a very good reason. Like, I hate how there is only a small population to choose from that its harder to find what you are looking for. But, I dunno, I guess it could be just me living in this small town with me being the only lesbian I know of. Every other queer girl I know is bisexual, so I'm competing with the guys. Grr.

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lol the accent is

lol the accent is hot.

Courage is contagious... be strong, and soon you won't be standing alone.

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yah, i'd tap that.

altho i don't agree with everything she said...
like, the makeup and clothes thing? what the fuck? tons of gay girls (such as myself) wear makeup and specific clothes for the same reason that straight girls do- cuz we want to look good! except we really want the girls to think we're pretty and/or hot, but don't care so much what the guys think.
whatevs, she's cute... her voice/face reminds me of a bunch of russian girls i know... but hotter.

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I couldn't agree more

I liked the thing about the potato chips. It's such a nice and positive spin on something that I've always thought of so negativly. The potato chips thing is the only thing I really payed attention to because I was staring at her the whole time she was sooooo hot.

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She was hot until she

She was hot until she reminded me of this really annoying and rather unattractive female in one of my classes. Damnit

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this is hilarious, but, i

this is hilarious, but, i kinda disagree with the make up thing....bc i wear make up and it has nothing to do with men and everything to do with me wanting to wear make up, oh and the small matter of looking pretty for GIRLS! Also, i dont think she looks that butch, its more in her mannerisms or what you can tell of the from that vid, i would imagine her to walk with some kind of butch-style swagger

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I love the accent, tis a major turn-on
I think it's pretty funny, but I also don't agree with the makeup thing. I consider myself stone butch and even I wear some makeup once in a while.

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how is drama a good thing??

how is drama a good thing?? she is hot though :D I love her accent and hair...and eyes XD

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Man I don't care what the

Man I don't care what the hell she was saying...she is HOT! and her accent is pretty killer. Not to mention she sorta looks like the girl I had a HUGE crush on. Why not me??? That is what I say.

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She's friggin' adorable. I

She's friggin' adorable. I love her reason number one, two, eight, and nine. Her number 10 was really funny, "This is the best one...Well, sort of the best one...Sex is really the best one..." Too cute. I want her.

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I think these are all like

I think these are all like "10 reasons to have a tremendous amount of self-confidance."

I mean, being able to wear whatever you want, dress how you want, wear whatever makeup you want, not have drama, know what you want, all that shit? That doesnt' come from being a lesbian. That comes from being confidant in who you are.

All that aside... does anyone know where I can download a Norwegian accent?

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Advantage of being a

Advantage of being a bisexual girl: Wide selection O.o

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Exactly--your "bags of

Exactly--your "bags of chips" aren't limited!



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yeah, it's like a super

yeah, it's like a super walmart. *shudders*

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awwww she's cuuute #10 is my

awwww she's cuuute
#10 is my favorite reason.
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i stood speechless
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I think the majority of us

I think the majority of us can agree she is HOTT i live her eyes though as i said above. if only she lived in canada.

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shes sooo cute plus her accent is like OMG

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the potato chip one is funny cause its true

10) should of been and u can fuck and u don't get pregnant
the end
I rather beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission

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I always thought it would be

I always thought it would be funny to tell the parents of a future girlfriend "at least I can't get her pregnant!" but something tells me they wouldn't think that was as funny as I think XD