A friend came out to me today

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I haven't written anything in a long time mostly because nothing has happened but today was interesting. My friend Jake moved away a couple of years ago but just recently moved back. He came and visited me a couple of times during those years. BTW I'm getting to the point where I really want to break out of this closet and tell someone Im gay, I really need someone to talk to about it and release some of this pressure.

Today me and jake went to the mall and caught up on eachothers lives and whatnot, on the walk home I decided to test the waters and see what his views of homosexuals are. So I said "what a difference it is between here and Toronto, I mean my nephew has a couple of gay teachers. I never had a gay teacher did you?" "he said "no" so I said "We'll there was this transsexual that went to my school for a while" then he threw a bombshell on me "Well I know alot of the gay and bisexuals, cause Im bi myself" I was like huh? did I just here what I thought I heard. I would not have thought he was bi and didn't think he would just throw it out there like that. After I got over that stunner I still wasn't ready to tell him so all I said was I was completly fine with it and it was cool.

The thing is I don't know if I completly trust him as in Im afraid he might tell someone else and im not ready for my parents to know just yet. So I think I'll wait and what happens over the next few days.


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That's quite a leap there. If you tell a friend, who just came out to you, that you are gay... he'd possibly tell your parents? How exactly would that work?


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What an odd coming out. Nice to hear though. And don't worry about him

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Oooh, good for him. Well,

Oooh, good for him. Well, now you know you've got someone who won't mind knowing about you. I think he'd understand you wanting to keep it mostly a secret though. I mean he's probably been there too.

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That was a bit of a weird

That was a bit of a weird coming out story, but w/e. Trust him! He knows what being queer in this society is like. He'll understand if you ask him not to tell your parents.

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