...Accidental Flirting?

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Ookay. So. First of all, I pick fights with homophobes, and I think I'm insecure in my homosexuality. Pah. But I already ranted about this in my [written] journal, and I don't have time right now, even though it's only 11:30 on the first night of a long weekend, because.... (point #2:) I have no life for the next week and a half because of tech. Joy. But actually, tech today was exhausting but fun. I learned to hang lights!!! And I was up on the ladder and everything! And I'm decent at it! In a year, when our current big, strong tech head leaves, tech crew will consist entirely of weak girls. So our head told me to bulk up over the summer and get real butch so I can do all our heavy lifting ^^

Zomg ladder... yay! :D

But... So... tech head (and also a really close, older-brother-like friend) says it looks like I'm flirting with this other girl on tech who's a grade below me. Uhm, WHAT? I'm NOT flirting with her! Yeah, she's bi. Yeah, she's really fun and an awesome person and great to work with, but I don't like her romantically or physically, and I'm NOT FLIRTING WITH HER! It's probably something to do with my nature being very open about my sexuality and "heh, I like girls," and just how I try to be generally open and amiable, but... Arg, I dunno. I told her that Head thinks I'm hitting on her, and she affirmed that I'm not her type, so even if I am being unintentionally flirty, she hopefully won't get the wrong idea... Boo. I don't get this. I have to be in school at 10AM tomorrow. To sit on a ladder and handle heavy hot things that could fall and break and cost many monies. I think Imma go die now.........


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He was probably just winding

He was probably just winding you up. Anyway a bit of flirting isn't exactly a proposal of marriage, accidental or not. I accidentally flirt with people all the time.

Good luck with the not dropping things!