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Yes i just thought I'd tell you all that there is a new man in my life! his name is kevin and he's incredibly sexy and funny and sweet and i really really like him so hopefully our relationship will develop into something more than it already is! so yeah i spent 8 hours with him on friday, then 16 on saturday so we've been pretty close. : ) well just thought i'd let you all know so you don't think i'm still sada bout the whole kip thing.


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cool dude..hopefully this will last...

longer then other david and good for you david. sorry bout the not hanging out thing...what movie did you end out going to???

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Yea I was wondering where

Yea I was wondering where you went at least your happy...

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Glad you have a new one, and it all sounds cool. Good luck with it all and shag his brains out

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Make sure you keep us

Make sure you keep us updated!

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