An unhappy mothers day... argument with my mom

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I feel kinda bad, got into an argument with my mom in 2 different parking lots, just feel like i did something so wrong because she said she was depressed about the usual, and was like take me home and just ope that she just doesn't do anything... It's now a reality that I will need to leave home when I'm done with high school for my own health and happiness but may decide to gain 300 pounds to see how that makes her feel about me... I know she loves me, but she doesn't love me for being gay, she said their is this group home somewhere in queens village don't know if she talking about new York or the small queens village section here....

But oh well gonna send her an e-card since I don't have time or money to buy a real card


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You need to stop beating yourself up over her inability to accept your sexuality. she can't love you, but not your sexuality, it's all one thing.

However, it's OK for you to love her despite her ignorance and negativity, because that is something that can change.

But that's all her issue at this point.

I've been over 300 pounds. I don't recommend it. My experience is if you're slightly overweight now, that just ramps up over time if you don't do anything about it.


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yea i've noticed that but

yea i've noticed that but recently it's slowly coming down, sometimes i feel as if i have to do something radical... I know I gotta stop doing it...