AP tests and kissing dreams

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AP English tests were today. That's right, D-Day. We stormed the beaches of AP English knowledge and proved ourselves in the face of AP Gods. Or at least proved ourselves to the face of colleges, so we can get credit for the class. In summary, biggest test of the year. And I'm lucky: I only have to take one of the AP tests, since I'm only in one class. Some particular smarties are crammed with 4! A lot of my friends have AP History tomorrow. Suckers.

Anyway, it wasn't as difficult as I had anticipated. I was able to read and comprehend passages in multiple choice [which I'm not particularily good at] with limited distraction. I was actually suprisingly focused today. And then 3 essays in 2 hours. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous. However, the prompts were fairly simple and I was able to write at least decent essays. We weren't stuck with poems or prose that we didn't know what the hell it was about, so thank God!

Afterwards I wasn't very tired, either. I was able to remain conscious in my other classes [5-6] and come home and not feel the need to crash.

Last nights dream makes two smashing dreams where I've kissed C. I've mentioned one before, the one where we're in my living room. This one I had last night was better. In the first one, I don't remember feeling that surge of excitement or the butterflies, you know? It was like "Cool, I'm kissing C." Probably because it was just a dream and my mind was...well...sleeping. But in this one, it was better.

We were in some foreign place I can't recognize or even recall, right now. But I was with Y and someone else and C showed up. I think we were looking at something from on a bridge, or something, I don't remember, and C leaned over and our faces met. [Hell yeah, she initiated the kiss.] And I could really feel it; it was very vivid. I got the butterflies and it actually felt as if I was kissing C. My mind was bursting with joy, as you can imagine. There wasn't really any open mouth action, but it was a fairly intimate kiss. It was cool because it really felt like she was kissing me like she meant it you know? Even though it was just a dream. But soon enough I realized it was just a dream, and slowly became conscious.

I was still floating though, it was an awesome dream.


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Hey. I took the AP English

Hey. I took the AP English test today, too. It wasn't bad at all. I especially loved that passage about Cranford and Cranfordians. The first and last essays were particularly easy. That middle essay...Bleh. I found that passage to be very simple. Additionally, the essay topic allowed for very little creativity or interesting analysis. Oh, well.

*sigh* I still have AP Chem. I'm seriously considering not showing up...AP Calc was a biotch. And I know even less of chem than I do of calc...

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Haha yeah that one was good.

Haha yeah that one was good. I like how they were like "Don't talk about the MC at all!" all the students are like whatever.

You sound like one of the girls in one of my classes. AP Calc and Chem. She's nuts.

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I took the AP exam too! My

I took the AP exam too! My favorite passage was the one talking about everyone is about deception. Something like that. I don't think I passed but anyway..

That's crazy that you had to stay for the rest of the day. After the AP test, we're all allowed to go home.

Oh, I had a dream about a girl I like too. Lol.

~I love goodluck rubs ;P

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I remember that passage. It

I remember that passage. It was my least favorite. It was a poem, though, I think.

Dreams like that are nice =]

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im in japan so i get them

im in japan so i get them all first. :-P. haha. except actually, we get different ones...