ate. ate. &&&& ate.

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Hi-lo from me & my friend, Lei.

Lei said she wants a scanner...which is $40.

We smell brownies...YUUUUMMMMM!!!! lei & i want to eat 'em :D


i slept until 10...then we went out thinking we were going hiking with one of my uncles but then he didn't answer, so we ended up eating at Rainbow Drive-In :)...

Then i called lei...and we went to the beach. we saw many people (moreso guys) with hairy chests and backs...soooooooooooo DISGUSTING!!

then...we saw girls...or i saw girls lol. one girl was trying to tie the other girls bikini top back on while they were still in the water...and BAM they got hit by a wave and the girl almost lost control of the strings but she had a good grip and ended up getting hit by the wave and both girls ate sand!

today forgot about problem.. right lei?

lei says yeah. haha.

i had a interesting dream last night...from what i can remember. it was interesting. i was getting my hair cut from this girl in a booth and it was time to close, so she offered to do my hair later....(fast forward)...i guess we were going out and we were at the beach and just hanging out, then she went somewhere and this girl that i know at school who is a lesbian...told me that the girl i was going out with was pretty and yeah...she complimented me yeah.

...i wonder if this is a sign.

lei thinks it is.

ok well... i want to see if i can get songs on my iPod so.....see ya.

take cares :)


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You have brownies. That is the important thing

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"

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brownies + girls in bikinis =

YUM :o)

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Sorry I haven't talked to

Sorry I haven't talked to you in forever. Things are...complicated...she's giving me trouble....

Oooh, fun at the beach :D

~I love goodluck rubs ;P