been a few weeks....

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so, its my birthday, and all and all, it was a good day.... but there were a few hiccups....

my friend was suppost to make me a cake, but she was too tired last night, so she didnt....
my sister was suppost to bring me ice cream at lunch, and 'lost track of time' and didnt....
and my other friend was suppost to make me a crown, but went to youth group instead haha

o well, life goes on, it was still a really good day. my friend said i was 16 and shoudl get a car, so she gave me hot wheels :D in a duck bag, its pretty sweet hahaha. then i got white chocolate from another friend

then my family went to dinner, and we went to olive garden, cause i wanted the chocolate lasgana desert, but they dotn have it anymore, so i was really disappointed....

then we came home and i opened presents, and my sister gave me 100 blank CD's, and teh new linkin park CD, and omg... its SOOOOO HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! i feel so bad she had to spend money on it... they sold there souls in this album, its TERRIBLE.... wow.... its so dissapointing... ive been waiting for this album for weeks, and im so dissapointed now... its hideous.....

but i got a car adapter for my ipod, which was cool.... and a new CD carrier, which i needed, and a couple gift cards.... so it was good... and ill get a car sometime soon when i get my liscence :D

so yeah, overall, this bday was a success, and im goin to a mariners game with a friend tomarrow for my bday :D


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Happy birthday! :)

Happy birthday! :)

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chocolate fucking lasagna!!

that makes me smile so much... that is so funny that you mention that.... my best friend and i went out to lunch today and i asked for it too... and got the same depressing answer... damn... my favorite dessert is gone!

happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Monika!!!

God, I know...the new linkin park Well, hope you had a great birthday. later

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WEll happy birthday anyway, regardless of the various screw-ups that happened

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