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When will governments realise that peace is not achieved through war? It never will be, no matter how powerful you think you are. Rome thought it was very powerful and that it could bully other nations into submission, flexing its muscles at every possible opponent. Indeed, it worked for awhile, but it had its very hard times. Thousands if not millions died throughout its extremely bloody history and it was eventually conquered (although admittedly not in a day).

Does this not remind you of any other country nowadays? Err, let's think.. the USA perhaps? Oh so powerful. Virtually limitless money at its disposal, a huge army, very advanced technology, some of the most elite soldiers in existence. At least, that's the way they were prior to September 11th. Ever since then cracks have been showing on the surface. Their limitless funding for the Iraq war was unjustified and not well spent, but with all the dramatics back then people were blinded by the pictures of horror. The shepherd's led the sheep into a war we really had no real perspective on. Oh the wonders of hindsight!

Now 4 years on, the US is spreading thin. They haven't got indisposable amounts of money nor indisposable amounts of troops. Its own citizens don't know if they want to be run by republicans and put up with this war any longer, or vote democrats to pull themselves out of the hole that's being dug for them by this mad man, but have to deal with a more liberal society (heaven forbid gays get even MORE rights!). The international community dislikes them, or at best finds them laughable/embarrassing...

And now they want to start a fight with Russia? Hardly wise. Consider the fact Russia didn't devolve unimaginable amounts of its own money, or its formidable army, into a despot country in some flimsy attempt to instill democracy into a country they royally fucked up without proper planning. Apologies for the pococurantism towards troops that have worked hard to not fuck it up, but that is nevertheless the result so far. The Russian president has said they (Russia and the US) have now entered an "arms race" again. Cold War anyone? Don't forget, Russia hasn't spread itself thin with a seemingly pointless war. I seriously worry who is in a stronger position.

The Russian president also laughably says, "These actions by Russia should not be feared." Yeah, right. They just fucking well fired what is essentially a warning shot. And naturally, George Bush being the stubborn Texan fool that he is will happily commit the lives of hundreds to death and unhappiness if it means saving face, under the guise of "ensuring US security." Err, question for Bush. How does installing a missile defence system help US security, when the very installation of such a system will in turn start a fight with a much more powerful country than the ones you're supposedly defending yourself from?!?!

Whatever the case, Russia shouldn't be trying to flex their pride and power. It didn't work for Rome, it didn't work for the UK, it doesn't work for the USA and it won't work for the Russians. All this bullshit ends in is more and more innocent citizens losing their sons and daughters in the crossfire of two big wigs in suits, pretending to know how to run a country. It's heart breaking to watch this unfold yet again, despite that we are constantly reminded what horrors war ends in - World War 1 and 2, Vietnam, Falklands, Iraq, Palestine/Iran.

Let's pray true politics breaks through and prevents this from spiralling (even more) out of control.