Boy/Girl jeans

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Hey hey hey you crazy cats!!I'm just dropping in with a quick journal entry because I'm excited.Why am I excited you may ask?!Well the answer is I have just bought the funkiest pair of jeans!!Well you as you may know I have bitched in the past about how annoying low cut jeans are,and I don't really like wearing boys jeans because they just look odd on me.Well I found the perfect hybird pair of jeans today-boy jeans for girls!!They are great,they are shaped and just baggy enough!I love them!!I have just tried them on with a shirt that I bought ages ago and they look so cool together!So to finish the outfit off I have this really great tie that says rock chic on it!I think I'm going to wear it the next time I have a gig so I can look all funky rockerish:)Well yeah thats my story I just had to share my excitement!
Oh and I just found out a guy I used to be friends with way back is gay!!Well I should have seen it coming....we did used to play barbies together.Well he is all out n proud and it makes me want to be there too even more!So yeah that is all from me...i'm going to eat crackers.Laterz.


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Boyfriend jeans as the

Boyfriend jeans as the fashionistas call them I believe

Well done in the eternal quest to find a pair of decent jeans. I still can't find any. As long as the weather is good I can wear leggings and/or shorts. But when winter comes what will become of me?

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Yep they are the

Yep they are the ones!!Bought them in TopShop of all places...I generally avoid that place.

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:o) it's nice to hear u sounding so confident!

there's nothing like finding the perfect-fitting pair of jeans to make a girl feel sexy.
it's tough tho... i've had good luck with Parasuco's (kinda pricey, but worth it)... i also like the Gap and Jacob.