...carnival fun!

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heyy heyy peoples :)

well i worked this whole weekend. saturday, sunday, and today. but today i didn't work until midnight like the other two nights! i wish i did but thats ok...i gots school in da morning thats why.

saturday. my first night of work...at first i thought that it wasn't gonna be a good first night 'cause most of the people there knew each other and i didn't know anyone...i was a loner. i was put into the game, Skater Ball with this other girl who ended up goin on break so i was alone for about a hour or two..until they put in two girls to help me out. they were really cool. i only remembered one girls name...it was Eva. i felt so bad lol. i kinda thought the other girl was cute lol...i was having a pretty good night ;P especially people watching...oh so cool. i ended up closing the game by myself 'cause they took the other two out but me and eva became...instant friends. yay me!!

sunday. my second night and my longest ever i ever worked. 11:30am - 12:00pm. yup yup 12 hours and only a 45min. break. but it wasn't too bad. in the first hour i was in the front of the gates putting wristbands on people then they moved me onto the game, Lucky Strike which involved throwing dimes and trying to get it into the middle of a quarter-sized circle. when i first started working...i thought that the guy i was working with was a total ASSHOLE lol 'cause he never would talk to me, just look at me and just the way he looked...told me that he seemed mean. so i stayed outta his way and he did the same...until later lol. i guess he got used to me and so we made small talk and i think he was hitting on me lol. first he asked how old i was and all that then he did the most obvious of questions EVER...."do you have a bf?" and i was like "no" and he's like "i don't have a gf" LMAO...i started laughing lol. he started making trouble to me and stuff and i also made trouble...when he asked me that he also asked if i was (in his words) "into females" and i said yes.

the funniest thing though...that i'm still cracking up after altho it is kinda weird is...after i told him ^ that...he goes "no shooters?" haha i kno it's kinda dirrty but i thought it was hilarious 'cause i also got to kick him lol. so i loved saturday night. altho i had to work at that booth from 12 to 7 (had my 45 min break altho supposed to be a hour but i hated sittin around) then from 7:45 to 11 almost 12. i had soooo much fun 'cause we were workin together again and we was jokin around and when he figured out that i'm filipino but i don't understand...he started talkin and sayin stuff to me. he said something and i was like "WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?" lol yea i literally yelled XP...and he was like..."i think i love you" OMG. hehe. funnie. he was really cool. i liked him. if i was straight...i'd go out with him. he's ok lookin but i love his personality and how he acted lol.

monday...memorial day. my third day. i didn't really like today all that much. i ended up in the front selling tickets. i passed by the guy i worked with last nite and he didn't even say hi :( lol...but yeah i wanted to do wristbands with Eva but they ended up sending me to do admissions. i kno that anyone would kill to have worked in a AC room with chairs ('cause game peoples barely have chairs and it's super hot especially in the day time) but i got so used to standing that i was bored. it not my kind of thing...working with tickets and money especailly when military people got in free so i had to refund some people and i guess i ended up missin some people 'cause at the end of my shift...i ended up short $10 which sucks 'cause i feel really bad...that's a lot of money. i hope nothing happens or anything.

...the next time i work is...friday. 5 to 12. graduation is saturday and maybe i'll work like i did today on sunday. i like this job...makin new friends and i like how there's always something to do. i hate it when it's boring and there's nothing going on. waste of time. and that also makes the time go by slower.

ok. well. that's all that's been going on. nothing new. it sucks. but i love working so yeah. i'll become a lonely workaholic lol.

well...take cares everyone :)


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lol even fucking lesbians

lol even fucking lesbians have more luck with guys than me... *sad lolz*

Courage is contagious... be strong, and soon you won't be standing alone.

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Aw, I'm glad you had such a

Aw, I'm glad you had such a great time! :D Yay about Eva. Wouldn't that be great if she was bi or gay? Well, let's hope, lol. And that one guy that you were such great friends with (too lazy to look back up lol) doesn't sound too bad except for the fact that he's a guy. Lol. Hope you have more fun next week!

~I love goodluck rubs ;P

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nah she's jus a friend lol.

nah she's jus a friend lol. i don't see her in that way. but if she is then power to her :p and yeah...he's a guy.

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"