chapter 3

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I figured I'd post chapter 3 of my updating saga while eating my cheerios before I head off to a dermatologist appt.

So T, one of my good friends-- though not in the top 3 that know I'm gay--keeps cracking gay jokes at me. They're not insulting or mean, they're actually pretty funny but are getting annoying since I'm not out to her, you know? But she has to know if she's making all these jokes. She's taken note of the fact I watch Logo all the time, I'm in love with Emily Haines, and that on my about me on myspace it says "even straight roads meander" [which is a lyric from an Incubus song, but is still there for my homosexual purposes, you know? subtle hint to the unknowing public.]

She's say stuff like "Well, you're gay" [like actually, gay] and I'll be thinking "yeah, I am." And "You belong on the Logo channel" "Yeah, I do." And I'll run through a conversation we had recently with T, our friend A, and me:

Me: "Yeah, that'd look wierd if on my myspace comments it said '[me] waves fingers, [A] comes closer' [inside joke]. People would get a new idea about us." A laughs. T says: "I would think differently about [A] but you however... [starts laughing as I say fuck you while laughing]... my theory would be the same about you. I mean, your about me says [continues giggling, it was actually a funny moment] 'even straight roads meander!'" At this point I'm like "Oh shit, somebody actually picked up on that hint." I didn't say very much, or defend, since that's why it's there. Y continues "Oh do they now?" I just laughed and called her a name or something.

She also did a myspace survey [jeez, myspace all over] that was about the third person on their top 8 [me] and there was a question asking if you'd date the person in which she replied: "No, but she watches Logo and apparently 'straight roads meander' so I think she would date me [and in small letters below, jokingly..] who wouldn't?"
Another one was "Do you know any of their secrets" she answered "Maybe?"

So yeah. I don't mind the jokes, but it's like she knows and she's trying to get it out of me by cracking all these jokes, you know? I would be more comfortable with the jokes if I was just out, but I haven't found the right time to just be like "yeah, I do belong on Logo, bitch!" And mind you, it probably sounds more mean than it is. She's a very funny person, really.

The best one she's made so far was when she said "Your birth was televised on Logo!" We laughed pretty goddamn hard.


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It definitly sounds like she knows!Maybe you should just tell her since it doesn't seem as though she is going to mind really anyways.Good luck anyways!*High-five* for the love of Emily Haines!!

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