Coming out FTW

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Okae, there's this thing called bebo. Aka. New Zealand myspace. Although there's no orientation option, I have gay and gay rights pictures on my page... so people know I'm gay (but you'd be surprised how slow some people are).

So this guy added me like weeks ago... then he finally talked to me. He told me he's questioning, i dno... bicurious I guess. Sounds nice (on MSN that is). Not too bad looking. Let's see how this all turns out. =O



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Hey good luck with it all. And enjoy bebo, I know some serious addicts to that

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"

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Have fun- but do be careful.

Have fun- but do be careful. Do any of your friends know who he is etc or is he actually a complete randomer?

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lol um, I'm not so much a

lol um, I'm not so much a bebo whore anymore raining men~ But yeah... he's funny. =)

And I'll try and be careful.. I dno anyone that knows him.. I just know he's a year above me and goes to another highschool. Maybe I'll ask some of my friends in that highschool to see what he's like.

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Yeah, it's best to get an

Yeah, it's best to get an idea of people from the ones that know them in real life. I'm sure he's lovely- it's just on the internet you can be anyone you want to be. There's no law you have to be honest.

My best friend met her first long-term boyfriend off the internet and he was a funny, kind half-Italian male model. So it can work out very well. But it is best to ask around first.