Confused Should I Ask Her Out?

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Well last
year in the middle of 9th grade I
developed a crush on a girl I will call Shay. I thought she was so pretty. One day Shay and a friend of mine I will call Jay were talking and Shay asked my friend " Did I like her". Jay said yeah. So Shay told Jay she might talk to me. Jay came back and told me that Shay knew I liked her. So me and Shay just kept staring and she kept smiling at me but I didn't say anything to her. One day we were in the caferteria and she kicked a ballon by my leg and she just laughed and smiled at me. Also one day I was going to lunch with a friend and she was in the office and she was looking at me. Also she came to the office door and just looked at me. Since were both shy we didn't say anything. So since she knew I liked her I stopped staring so hard (since she Shay said I stared at her to hard). Shay kept staring me then towards the end of 9th grade I didn't see her. (I'm in the 10th now). Going into the 10th I didn't see her and forgot about my crush on her. Then one day I saw her and my feelings came back. Still we stared but didn't say nothing. One day I walked past her and we were so close that we could have easily bumped into each other. We countined staring until I didn't see her for like 3 months. During the 3 months I basically got over the crush because I thought nothing would never happen .I saw her after the 3 months and she just stared.Then I didn't see her for another 2 months and when I did this time she didn't stare at me.She looked up but that's all. Somedays she just trys not to walk in my view so I can't stare at her. I saw her today( but she was going to class and I was going to lunch)
and I was basically thinking life is short and " Should I ask her out". But I'm scared of rejection and she might graduate this year so I want to take advantage of this opportunity and don't think about the could've or should've.
So what do you think I should do?
Say something to her or just leave this crush alone?

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It's your choice. I'd say if

It's your choice. I'd say if you want to go out with her, asking her out is probably the best way to do that. It's your choice. Good luck.

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I don't have much personal

I don't have much personal experience with this (I've never asked anyone out, I'm the one being asked out *shrug*) but I'd say you should go for it. She sounds cute and flirtatious, so ask! Worst case scenario, she'll say no and hey, at least your mind will be at ease then. Best case scenario, she'll say yes and you'll both live happily ever after. Go for it!

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