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Thanks Ruby & Toph for commenting my last post. i really appreciate it!

things are the same as they were a few days ago...so nothing to update this time. *sigh* but i have thought about something last night...it's a lil weird lol. i'm super tired right now and haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately, but here it goes;

there's this girl...i'll call her "Am", she's in my english class and i see her a lot on the halls between classes. (i can tell you right now that after this class is over i'll see her before i go to my next class lol) i'm not a stalker...it's just coincidence that i see her in the halls. the weird thing about this is that i don't like her in any way...i'm moreso..."fascinated" by her. yeah weird. it's like, i want to get to know her...find out how she's like, but i can't stand being near her :/

she's the girl that i mentioned in one of my old posts about judging my friends because of how i am...yeah that's why i don't really like her and the only time i ever talked to her was in sophomore year...she was in my biology class and the only reason i talked to her and her to me was because i gave her and this other girl cake 'cause it was my birthday. other than that, they labeled me as the lesbian and the smart girl and barely talked to me unless they wanted answers for the homework or on their team for when we played jeopardy for extra credit.

i never really thought of this ^ until now...but it's been like this ever since we started school. i'm confused. not if i like her or anything...just why.

uh...well...idk what else to say. i neeed to study for my history test today. but as usual i'm probably gonna wing it like i always do lol.

ok. thats all. well take cares everyone :)


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You're oh so welcome :D Wow,

You're oh so welcome :D

Wow, i hate it when people are like that. It sucks.

Sorry, i'm at a loss of creative comments. Lol.

~I love goodluck rubs ;P