damn all these beautiful girls...they got me suicidal suicidal.

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ah well as usual things are stupid and complicated...

on friday. i was stuck with my friend Kris telling me how much she drank and all this stuff about the pain and blah blaah blaah. then my other friend has problems with her parents...so i was stuck trying to comfort both of them although i told Kris that she can do whatever the hell she wants and i'm not gonna say anything about it. she irritates me thats why....it's always about her and she always wants people to feel pity for her...&& i'm sick of it.
i sorta had a breakdown too that night...so was crying and sleeping on the ground 'cause idk...it was relaxing..

on saturday. i had drivers ed and i ended up having to switch teachers, so i went from a cool teacher who i felt relaxed around...to a strict teacher (his wife) who i am scared to death of and feel really tense around. this is what she says i need to improve on;

*going 25 mph in a 25 mph zone. i went 30 'cause the speedometer is different so i was confused about how to read it.
*goin fast on the freeway. she said that i drive like a "grandma" on the freeway.
*staying in lane position 1 'cause she said i stray to the right too much.

yups. all the things that i DON'T do with my other teacher. she scared the crap outta me, so i was paranoid while driving with her thats why i made so much mistakes.

ok ok. on sunday. i ate my favorite thing in the world...CURRY!! lol. and i went bowling with my grandma and her coworkers. her job has this get-together thing where they all go bowling like twice a year and just have fun...i;ve been going with her the past 2 years and it's soooo fun 'cause i love bowling :) i beat everyone in the last game...my score was 178. i also almost lost my iPod. :( when i threw my ball my fingers got caught on my earphones and it went flying from my pocket and into the side where all the gutter balls go. luckily i got to it in time and got it back!

...i also went walking/running sunday morning to get my mind off of things and relax...it was pretty nice. i'm gonna start walking/running more now. its funny how people are crazy enough to wake up at the crack of dawn to just go...walking/running lol.

ah well...i think that's all. yup. nothing new or interesting. today i'm gonna go to the mall and turn in my application to see if i can work at the state fair...it'd be sooo much fun!! maybe...maybe....hopefully lol i can meet someone today. 'cause my friend was like "you need a love interest" lol. she says i'm getting too depressed and idk...i guess i need some loving ;p LMAO.

btw; the title refers to the song, Beautiful Girls by: Sean Kingston. me loves this song lol..

well...later gators. take care everyone :)


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hey hun :o)

yay for kicking ass at bowling! chicks who can bowl are hot ;-) ... i'm a very pathetic bowler so i'm impressed by ppl who aren't...
ppl have also been asking me if i'm interested in anyone... i'm not... i miss the high of being in a romantic/dating situation with a cool girl, but i'm not ready to handle the low of being dumped again...
hang in there... soon u'll prolly meet someone awesome who will treat u like the hawaiian princess u are!
xoxo ;-)

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Ruby my dear, I don't think

Ruby my dear, I don't think there's any type of girl doing anything that you don't find hot...

anyway, I'm sure you'll both find someone lovely.

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heehee, i guess ur right!

well, my ex was a lazy bitch who never did a damn thing... so now i'm drawn girls who actually have skills, interests, hobbies... much like myself ;-)

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You're a beautiful and

You're a beautiful and adventurous girl. Of course someone thinks you're outrageously hott and they're probably all depressed because they haven't found you yet. I hope things get better along with your computer.

~I love goodluck rubs ;P