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so polling is now officially closed... i want to know who won the election but it wont be annonced til tomorrow morning, plus i dont have a TV so i'll have to try and find time to look it up online. hope everyone voted!

well we cant beat americas awful choice anyway, i dont think that possible! sorry guys but why...

on another note i had an exam today, hoping i did ok in it. ive got another tomorrow which i know absolutely nothing for, i really need to get studying. last one is on monday... then im FREEEEE!!!!!

i cant wait until they are out of the way. i just hope i pass them...


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Well the results in Scotland

Well the results in Scotland actually matter.

Down here it's just the local council elections which means the smug local residents associations are at war with the tories and each other over parking fares and who gets to be the most self-righteous. This is a trick question because ultimately they all get to be self righteous. There was one real life proper socialist (rarely seen in the wild) who was espousing 'state control of the means of production as the only way of ensuring the future of Britain' while everyone else was getting upset about what should be done about the nasty junction outside the supermarket. I'd thought his politics were more of less extinct outside of 6th form common rooms and the 1960s. But considering his proposed constituents are pretty much the ones who already own the means of production themselves (or at least sell shares to/ for the owners of the means of production) I don't imagine he'll do too well.

Who did you vote for (if you don't mind saying- I know some people don't like to)?

Oh and good luck in the exams!

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sorry i dont discuss who i

sorry i dont discuss who i vote for etc...

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