finding meaning in a song

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I posted this before, and either nobody saw it, or just thought it was too dumb to comment on, so here it goes (again)

what do you guys think this song means?

Straight from the Jacket:

So sorry son you're worrying your mother
No explanation's gonna make it seem alright
Young boy, listen to your father
It's more than just your life, it's more than suicide
How does it feel? When you're looking down the barrel
of a loaded gun...Tell me how it feels
Did you see your life flash right before your eyes?
Stop playing games and get yourself up off the floor
young boy we're going to send you to the lions
The men all dressed in white, when you became undone
How does it feel when I might have brought you up
but you are not my son
So many times I tried to bring you up you brought me down
I won't consider you again stop looking at me like you care
I worked my fingers to the bone
I'm not your father or a friend
You might have lived here once but this is not your home
Tell me how it feels
You didn't mean much to me I didn't plant the seed
I'm not your father cause you didn't turn out right
Young boy we're gonna feed you to the fire
How does it feel?
When you're looking down the barrel of the loaded gun.

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no idea

I have no idea what it means. I'm horrible at interpreting poems. What is the tune like. In my oppinion the tune says more about the meaning of a song than its lyrics.

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I can kinda interpret that, but it is hard to explain...I guess that the poem is being told from a father's point of view, and he sees nothing but failure as a father and disappointment in his son, for whatever reason. It seems like the father sent the kid to therapy (the men in white) and tried to cure him of whatever was wrong, but it far as staring down the barrel of a gun tho...can't say my life has flashed before my eyes any time that has

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sort of complicated

But I think this is about a few different things...I think it is about a guy who thinks he is this guys father..and then finds out he isn't,from the line
"you didn't mean much to me I didn't plant the seed".I think the son in the poem is troubled and perhaps has been suicidal,and so has been sent "to the lions",which is referring to the doctors.Something like that anyways.

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Thanks for the imput. Just

Thanks for the imput. Just to give you my view, I've always thought it was about a kid who's gay (that's why I put it here), and his father sends him to therapy, which doesn't "make him straight", and the father is so pissed he tries to kill the kid. Just my viewpoint. I guess I got it from the song's title.

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oh yeah

I missed the title..oops.yeah "straight from the jacket",I think you are right that it is a reference to be being gay.I agree with you.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt