First Journal Entry- New Aspect for things

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First Journal Entry

I don’t know this past week already has felt liberating, uniting and depressing to me. I have feelings that there may be a new someone out there for me. Just not sure if I should say something but not exactly ready yet, I think he knows what I am. I just seem to speak to him on the phone then any more of my friends who are straight and are guys.
Talked to him for hours on Sunday and a good 20-30 minutes yesterday, Not at all today but spoke to him on AIM.
Me (5:12:24 PM):
him (5:14:19 PM): hi, my good friend
Me (5:13:14 PM): hello, my good friend
him (5:14:40 PM): I said it first
Me (5:13:29 PM): w/e
him (5:14:44 PM): lol
him (5:15:18 PM): what's up?
Me (5:14:07 PM): not much
him (5:15:43 PM): oh?
Me (5:14:33 PM): yea
Me (5:14:42 PM): bout to work on my tessellation project
Me (5:14:46 PM): but i can still be round
Me (5:14:53 PM): i just gotta color it
Me (5:14:53 PM): haha
him (5:16:15 PM): haha
him (5:16:33 PM): I did a ruby tuesdays again
him (5:16:51 PM): this time in the day time....yay
Me (5:15:41 PM): is that all ur employer does?
him (5:17:06 PM): no
him (5:17:17 PM): It's just on the side
Me (5:16:07 PM): oh ok
him (5:17:27 PM): ...good money
Me (5:16:29 PM): yea I could get payed like alotta money for my side skills but the douche bags always call when i have school
him (5:17:58 PM): oh
him (5:18:04 PM): too bad

that was just part of our converstation don’t feel like posting the whole thing
Bad thing is he is closer to DC and I’m two – two and half hours north up I-95 in PA :( but maybe it will things will start to come out of the cracks soon if things happen this way. Just the way I feel but don’t know what I’ll do since it will be long distance and everything

Also made the first baby steps to finding some understanding of my own and being around people that understand me and just waiting to hear some things back… But this week is turning out much better than last week with all of that anger and stuff I had in me.