808Chik's picture back on again...being sneaky lol.

:( i tried going on oasis on my dad's psp but it just won't work...i can go on everything else...but oasis. so sad. but i'm on today and maybe on friday i can come back on...i don't have this class tomorrow that's why.

well...i'm looking for a place that can send flowers and i haven't been having much luck :( what kind of flowers are nice? some of my friends say that tulips and roses are nice and they are pretty, so i thinking that i might get either one of those two.

ah this is gonna be short...'cause we're looking at pictures in class and learning about different types and styles. so see ya.

take cares :)

sorry so short this...i wish i can stay longer.

btw...thanx efor everryone who commented on my post yesterday...i MISS all you guys *kiss kiss* *hug hug* lol...


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Oh, I love your sneaky-ness

Oh, I love your sneaky-ness :D

Oh, I really would type more, but my pain meds are making me really drowsy. I'm losing my motor skills....

Yeah, hopefully you'll find a computer, and yours will come back from the dead.

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD