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so ive got exams starting on thursday. its starting to really stress me out. ive done lots of work for them but still have lots i want to do and i just cant seem to make myself concentrate. im going to go and do a bunch soon though.

i was just on the phone to my girlfriend. her parents are coming to stay for a few days and she originally wanted me to meet them. she has met my mum and my brother and it all went well (although my brother didnt know she was my gf) she has come out to her mum and she keeps saying her dad knows but she hasnt talked to him about it. so she said i could meet them, then she said her mum said it wasnt a good idea as she hadnt talked to her dad yet. i understand that entirely but she says she isnt going to tell him when they are here. she said she was going to tell him when she was home at xmas but never did. she wants me to go to her home (although stay with her brother not her parents) in summer but she wont see her dad before then so he still wont have been told. i dont know how she expects me to go when she wont even speak to her dad about me.

i met her sister, who she said knew but when i met her she didnt seem to know and then was really off with me when she realised me and my gf were together.

i know its not my place to say she should come out to her parents but it keeps leaving me in awkward positions. ive often met her friends and am introduced as her gf and its the first time they are told as well. am i wrong to be angry about this? its just she always let me think shes completely out and i have always told myself i wouldnt have a relationship with someone who wasnt out.

anyway, what she said on the phone was she hopes her flatmates (2 gay guys) dont kiss in front of her parents when they are staying but i cant see the problem frankly. its thier home, they should be able to kiss there. plus i think it would do her parents good to see it.

sorry this wasnt meant to be sucha long entry.


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that is a hard situation to be in...kinda like the old saying stuck between a rock and a hard u go w/ her and wait her dad's reaction? do you just let her tell her dad when the timing works? If her parents know, why is she afraid to kiss you??? I dunno why, but it isn't really fair for her to keep you in the awkward positions she is obviously putting you in...Maybe you two should talk about it. Other than that, how have you been?

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