GLM - I sit - whatchya think?

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I've already submitted it but I was wondering what you guy's/gals think =] ?

From clearing sun showers to raging hailstorms
Spectrum-painted skies
To a barrage of icey bullets.
And I sit.

Dampened earth below my feet trembling
Cracks of lightning flash across the sky
In one short moment
The silhouettes of the world.

Each droplet of water
Striking my cheek
Soaking deep into my outer layers
Each droplet is a word
Fag, queer, dyke
The constant patter of a storm
An unstoppable force of human nature.
And I sit

As the words sink in
Soaking through my shirt, my skin
I gaze up at the clouds which unleashed them
If this is nature
I am not natural.

Each piece of ice
Striking my cheek
Battering and pushing to my inners
Each shard of ice is a fist
Jab, cross, jab
The constant batter of a storm
An unstoppable force of human nature
And I sit.

As the fists swing
Striking my jaw, my side
I shut my eyes and collapse to the earth that birthed me
if this is nature
I am not natural

I sit
I do not rain
I do not hail
I do not speak
I do not strike
I sit.