happy day :)

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hey all...

yesterday was a pretty good day! 1) i got to talk someone special...so happy. 2) i finally got breakfast in the morning lol...i kno thats weird but i never eat in the morning thats why. 3) i think i did good on my two tests i had yesterday..yay! && last but not least 4) i had an interview yesterday with a store called Daiei (well now it's called Don Quijote lol but i like daiei better :P) ...

so my day was good...i was happpyyy :D

ahmmm....idk what else to say i wish i could stay longer and write and read everything that i've missed...but i'm at school being sneaky and i don't have a computer yet...i wish :(

well....okie i should go now. thanks for reading and i hope everyone is ok and please take care!!

***M, i heard 'bout your phone...that's suckie. i hope i can talk to you soon. hope your doing alright and take care. oOo i loved the postcard and you'll be getting something soon && good luck with the girl ;)**