harp+sexy girls=lol

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I've been working on this song called rumba on the harp since sometime in the winter. I just haven't been able to get the feel for it. It goes at about 100 miles per hour so I thought it was supposed to be really jumpy and hyper. Then yesterday and today I went on youtube and watched rumbas. Turns out that the dance is really slow. The reason my music says to play it so fast is because it's a solo and a lot of notes need to be played in order to keep the listener intrested. The girls who were dancing in all the videos I saw were sooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!! If you're a girl or a boy who's bi then you have to watch some rumbas on youtube. Between what they're wearing and how the dance is coreographed it would be fitting in a strip club. So, now, whenever I play rumba on the harp, I imagine these girls dancing right in front of me or with me or I fantisize about girls in general. It's so funny cuz it makes the song sooooo much better, it doesn't sound like a robot playing it anymore. yay! I just find the idea of fantisizing about girls striping while playing the harp and having that improve my playing dramaticly very funny.


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What an oportunity I am

What an oportunity I am wasting here (I live in South America) lots of people dance rumba. I mean, just put rumba in a party and you get lots of people dancing...And there are even 'strippier' dances down here.

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Lol. I want to learn how to

Lol. I want to learn how to play harp. When I get one I'll have to remember that then right?