Have you ever gone skinny dipping???

yes ,,,i enjoyed it very much.
33% (5 votes)
yes but i didnt enjoy it
7% (1 vote)
yes, but i was embarased
7% (1 vote)
no i have never but i want to someday
40% (6 votes)
no i havent and i dont want to
13% (2 votes)
no and i would never do such a immoral thing
0% (0 votes)
what is skinny dipping????
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 15


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Mentally, when I think skinny dipping, I think some creek, lake, pond, river... so I think I haven't. But if you count hot tubs, then certainly.


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At my (all-girls) summer

At my (all-girls) summer camp, we go skinny dipping in the lake all the time. During free swim, you can swim in anything from your birthday suit to your hiking boots, and a lot of the time after a game of Capture the flag in the dark, we all strip down and jump in the lake.

One it was pouring down rain so nobody was at free swim except my friend and I... and the once councelor who was being a lifeguard. It was fun.

The awesome thing about it is that it's not a sexual thing at all... it's just being comfortable with your body, not worrying about what you look like. But camp has a lot of stuff like that. On hot days, it's bras and shorts and bare feet all over camp, and the outhouses are two seaters... I mean, privacy is for heteros.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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wow... i wish i went to that camp! XD

my camp was co-ed and jewish... public nakedness of any sort was highly discouraged. we got to skinny dip once on a camping trip where they made the males stay on other side of the island.
in cuba me and my friend boated out in the ocean and swam/tanned in the nude... it feels better, plus u don't get any wierd tan lines.
bathing suits are highly over-rated. :o)

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not since puberty. Although

not since puberty.

Although once when I was in France, I was in the sea swimming merrily along and I got washed by the strong currents along to the nudist section of the beach. I stood up in the shallower water to get my bearings, only to see very fat, very naked German men running Baywatch style towards the ocean. Burnt chipolatas everywhere, I swear. And scattered along the beach were their sun wizened wives basking like old turtles.

Still I wish I had the confidence to swim/ sun bathe in the all together. I've only just started wearing mini-skirts and shorts again.

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I was swimming in the ocean

I was swimming in the ocean once, and my bathing suit came off, but I left it off and just held on to it, so I guess that counts. It was great fun, btw.

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