hehe...sneaky sneaky. :D!

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hey everyone :)

i'm being very...sneaky right now lol. i'm using the school computer to right this, but today is Senior Sneakaway so most of our class is gone...so no class plans for today!!

it's been very alright these past few days...but it seems like people decide to get in contact with me when i'm not expecting it. 'cause this girl that i talked to before and who says we went out (i really don't remember that happening) found me on myspace and added me. so we started talking the other day and yeah. me thinks that she wants to go out. i mentioned her in a very old post. she's a freshman and stuffies. she's coo but i don't really like her...i like someone but it's hard considering distance and stuff. so sad :(.

ahmmm...idk what else to say lol. i'm tired and i really really MISS OASIS!!!!!

i feel very sad knowing that i haven't been on in like...forever and that i'm missing out on a lot of things :(...it's sad. Oasis is like a family to me...moreso one than my own.

well...i gotta go before my teacher realizes that i've been on for awhile lol. hopefully i can get back on soon. take cares everyone!!


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Distance does suck, doesn't

Distance does suck, doesn't it :(

You miss Oasis? Well I bet Oasis misses you! At least I do! TONS TONS TONS TONS with bunch of MISSING and a bunch of HOPING you'd be back soon.

Lol you're such a rebel

Talk to you later, sooner than you think ;p

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD

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We missed you too!!! Courage

We missed you too!!!

Courage is contagious... be strong, and soon you won't be standing alone.

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:-O Ariel!!!

well if it isn't our little hawaiian princess...