High School's over... forever!

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That still hasn't really hit me in full force yet. Part of me still thinks that I'll go to school tomorrow, go to all of my classes... but in reality I know that I'm going to sleep in 'till noon.

It's all over! The drama, the bullshit, death threats, failed attempts at forming a GSA... I'll never have to go back to that.

Leaving high school is leaving me with a rather bittersweet feeling. I'm putting all of the bullshit behind me, but with that I'm leaving some of my friends, the speech and debate team, my favorite teachers... it feels weird.

I thought I'd be ecstatic when I got out but I'm not. I feel empty because I'm not sure what comes next. College, of course, but even that leaves so many blanks and open ends.


Guess I just needed to vent. For all of those who read this, thanks for putting up with my ambiguity and confusion.


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I'm getting that after the

I'm getting that after the first year of high school, because I'm not going to see my crush for 3 months. I can't imagine what it's like at the end of high school.

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Yeah, I keep thinking I'll be going back to school tomorrow too.

~I love goodluck rubs ;P

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Congratulations on graduating? Or early almost graduating then! Sounds great to not have to put up with that crap and now you can reinvent yourself for uni/college!

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Oh yeah

Yeah I finished a couple of weeks ago. Crazy day...Whatever it is an odd feeling. School has been most of your life, the prospect of not having it is wierd beyond belief. But college will be cool, so have fun

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