i just don't want to miss you right now

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so my crush is getting worse and worse by the day i think....

it is so difficlt to be in love with the girl i am...

RECAP: this girl (we will call her B) is my best friend alongwith A.... i've admired B from afar since i met her sophomore year... anyway, thru a random series of events she came into my life a couple months ago... the three of us are absolutely inseperable...

anyway, last night we were at A's cleaning out her pig sty (and when i say this i'm not exaggerating... there was food from last weekend still on the floor... fucking disgusting...) we were cleaning the room and B and i got to talking.... A was busy doing something downstairs so B and i were curled up on her bed talking about something... i don't even remember now... all i remember was sitting there thinking that i could have stayed there seemingly forever.... i don't think i've ever really had that feeling with anyone....

i didn't see her all of today and i swear to god it's physically painful... i'm probably fucking crazy saying that but whatever.... i just value her friendship so incredibly much i would never want to ruin it... yeah know? she claims to be straight to so that just makes it worse.... and when i say claims i say it for a reason.... she is possibly the gayest girl i've ever met.... honestly it's not even funny

there's just something about her... the way she wears her clothes.... too baggy... the way she will snap at me, be bitchy but then realize it and apoligize ten million times.... the way she can be assertive and tell me to knock my shit off when i get harsh with her... her "people intelligence"... the fact she can read me better than anyone else i know... the way she just smiles with me.... the way she bites her lower lip when she's thinking... the fact she has an amazing body... her wicked sense of humor.... her cute laugh... her total dyke walk.... the way she tucks her hair behind her ear.... the cartilage piercing she has.... her gorgeous skin... always tan... she's such a good listener... so respectful to my moms.... so respectful to me.... the way she drives WAY too fast..... she's sarcastic about everything... she's a fucking racecar driver for crying out loud (HOTT!).... her relationship with god... just everything about her makes me fall for her

and now back to reality... i could have gone on with that list forever.... :)


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well, let's hope u never come over...

...to my pigsty...lol. Well, it seems like u are fallin' head over heels for u know who...good luck...hopefully B will open up to u, despite her dad's ass-holish ways...lol.

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I think someone has an itty bitty crush here. Good luck with her babe, she souds suberb. Enjoy the obsessions

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