I look like a boy! YEAH!

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I am now wearing a dress shirt, tie, and jeans. My hair is slicked back. God, this is awesome. I luuuuuuuuuuuurve crossdressing. It's so much fun. I'm going to wear this outfit at my school dance tomorrow.

My sister actually told me that I look like a boy. Honestly, I think I do. W00t! :D We tried to find a camera to take a picture of me with, but we couldn't find one and our parents aren't home, so we can't ask them now. Darn it. I want to take a picture of myself, so that the outfit I wore the first time I crossdressed in public will be preserved for all time. :D



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sounds very cool!! No one

sounds very cool!!

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I've never liked

I've never liked cross-dressing in particular myself, but more power to you!

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