i smell sex and candy...

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oh my god.. three weeks until i graduate... i think i might die somewhere in the process... god damn.... my AP tests are thursday and friday (we got the late testing dates since everyone in WA missed so much school due to the snow).... anyway after those 3 tests i might show up to school like once a week... maybe... and even that is asking for a little too much :)

my crush ( i dunno... i really don't like this word... it makes it sound so trivial)... anway, i can't ever seem to get a read on her... she is so damn confusing... i just dunno.... she drives both me and my best friend crazy because she is so damn gay but tries to play it off like she's straight... ugh.... come out already!

today i just had a moment... a lot of my entries lately have dealt with cutting... about a year ago i found out that one of my good friends is a cutter... about six months ago another friend told me she was as well.... about a month ago my crush admitted she'd been cutting for years... last week my mom admitted to me she'd cut during and after college... and then today another friend of mine finds out that her girlfriend has started cutting... the more i hear about it, read about it, find out about people that are self harming, the more i realize this issue isn't talked about enough. people aren't aware of the issues and they have completely the wrong ideas about it.... damn.... this needs to be worked on, talked about more often... it's so damn common...


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Lots of my ex-friends did. I

Lots of my ex-friends did. I tried once, didn't like it. I find other forms of self-harm are more comforting and less noticable.


If we scour the city and eat everyone's breakfast cereal, we shall have the strength to run across muliplatforms stapling hamburgers to trees. The resulting entourage of golf ball encyclopedias with everyone living in seventeen ha

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That is so true. Cutting is

That is so true. Cutting is a big issue. I myself am an ex-cutter and so is my crush (I don't really like the word crush that much either).

Only three more weeks! Yay! I graduated this past Friday. Are you having a graduation party? Because they're tons of fun, hehe. I got to make out with my crush at mine, and no, we weren't drunk. No drugs or alcohol for me :D

And good luck on your AP exams!

~I love goodluck rubs ;P

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yup.. definitely having a grad party...

my mom throws kick ass parties so yup... our yard was just finished and it looks gorgeous... so we are having a late night party (right after graduation) for everyone at my house in the back yard.. my mom is an amazing cook so that will make it even better....

and making out with your crush... maybe my girl will magically figure out she's a total dyke and stick her tounge down my throat too... okay, highly unrealistic but yeah know... anything can happen!

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I agree "crush" is a

I agree "crush" is a terrible word. It sounds like you're in 5th grade.

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