I think I'm gonna be okay

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Last night I was thinking about some of things my dad has said over the years and its put me to ease to comming out. See aparently my sister thinks my brother is gay(Me I kinda think so too, but im not for sure) and she told my parents this. So one night me my brother and my dad were all watching T.V and then my brother and dad started talking about family and what not. My dad started telling him he's gotta go out and live and find somebody to love and someone to live for. And that theres somebody out there for everyone. I got up to go to the kitchen and as I was leaving the room I heard my dad say "I don't care if you are gay you've just gotta get out there and find someone thats gonna make you happy" I didn't get to see what my brother's reaction and I don't think he said anything. But that made my day it just proved to me that atleast my dad is gonna be there for me when I come out...It was just amazing to hear him say that... so it was a good night.(BTW the reason my dad was telling him to go out a live and stuff is cause he's drinks a lot now and then, and he's always at home and he's 29 years old.)


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That's so sweet. I am still waiting for some people to give the signals that it's okay.

I decided to take a peek in the closet.
What a surprise to find myself hiding inside!

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That's kinda a "lol" and

That's kinda a "lol" and "aw" moment. Like he's like, "Just get out there and Love!" but like kinda like, "no matter what I love you son." Cute.

~I love goodluck rubs ;P