i'm back...for now :)

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yeash...me back lol. only for a short time though 'cause i'm at my friend's house waiting for her to get ready for her interview that's in about an hour. so here i am...on her computer checking the best place ever...OASIS! but it sucks that i can't stay and read all the posts that i missed in the past weeks :(

i wanted to do an update but that'll take up too much time, so i decided to leave...once again with something funny :) yesterday me and my friend was walking in the crosswalk by the mall and this group of girls were running (why? idk i guess they wanted to get to the other side lol) and so i just happened to look at one of the girls and just when i looked at her...she ATE IT!! like she literally ate dirt and i feel so bad 'cause...i laughed. i laughed really hard and i still can see it happening in my head over and over.

everyone said that i'm going to have SERIOUS bachi...'cause like they say "what goes around...comes around" lol. so yeah my friend is like "i won't be surprised if one day you fall down five flights of stairs" :O haha...but we're cool haha.

well...imma go now...i still have to go look up something important for a special someone ;)...okie take cares everyone...

**BTW...hey M...i miss talking to you and i can't wait to talk to you again :D...hope all is well...take cares!


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Hey Homeslice!

Lol that poor girl. That sounds hilarious. I hate it though when something like that happens cause I'm like, "aw, how sad" and then it's just too funny that I can't help but laugh.

Oh, but I hope you don't fall down a flight of stairs. I'd prefer you to fall down...into my arms ;D Lol

I'm so glad you've finally had a chance to get on a comp. Gosh, your computer better start working soon or I'll have to give it mouth to mouth resuscitation

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD

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Hell, I'd laugh. That sounds

Hell, I'd laugh. That sounds really funny. Like one of those falls that seems to happen in slow motion.

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-Dr. Jamie Morris

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I love it!

I love when people fall its just too funny you gotta laugh!!It is usually me falling amd someone else laughing though..but I'd laugh it was the other way around

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