I'm sick of this =_=;;

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Well, apparently I found out today another girl likes me. Well, this happened way over once... everytime I find it very flattering... but I'm just so tired of not having any guys like me (well there has been a few but they're past now). *sigh* When will I find someone?~


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Awww.. *patpat* You'll find

Awww.. *patpat* You'll find someone. It's just that there are more straight girls than gay/bi boys. Which can be frustrating. But you'll find someone. :)

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ha same here. all the boys

ha same here.
all the boys like me for some odd reason, but when it comes to girls i feel like a pariah.

"society is crumbling faster than an Oreo cookie being run over by a turqouise freight train."

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Well at least proper girls

Well at least proper girls like you.
Even my male attention seems limited to builders, shouting men driving by with the windows down and creepy men that follow me off buses and all the way to the supermarket.
My female attention=zero.

I'd say swapsies- but I don't think my 'admirers' are up to much.

Even terrible people seem to pair up in the end. You're not terrible and girls like you so you must be attractive. Therefore you'll be ok. Miserable people aren't attractive, so don't let it get you down- even though it's hard not to sometimes.

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Wewll you could always ask the girls to have a sex-change
You're lucky I normally get 12 year old girls crushing on me

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"