Internet communities and LGBTQQI youth

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Hi everyone,

My name is Eric and I'm writing a paper on internet communities and LGBTQQI youth. I hope to be able to get enough information and data to make recommendations to local youth organizations to reach out into the cyberworld.

If you all have time, could you please take this short survey?

And, if possible, could you please forward it to anyone else who might be interested? I'm also conducting more personal interviews, so if you would like to help me, please send me a message or an email to eric(removethis)

Thanks for your time!

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Lol my favorite acronym if

Lol my favorite acronym if "FABGLITTER" (fetish, allies, bisexual, gay, lesbian, intersexed, transgender, transgender engendering revolution). I'll be happy to take your survey, btw.

"A friend is someone who bails you out of jail; a best friend is someone who stands in the cell next to you and says 'that was freakin' awesome'"
-Dr. Jamie Morris

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If the above link has

If the above link has reached maximum responses, please follow this link: