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Well the truth is out there so they say.
Jerry now has his own journal and has proven to be quite prolific, if a bit embarrassing about it.
You can find him at jerrysplace.
He claims to enlighten you on a few things that I would never have told you about myself. Probably because I didn't think you'd give a flying farg about any of them.
Now that his picture is posted also, you can see that I'm the ugly one.
It's true, I was sitting in the chair as he typed away and after I read his entry I was tempted to distract him while I deleted most of it.
What the heck.
Jerry writes better than I expected he would, not that I expected him to do badly but he's really pretty good except for the content. Maybe if we gave Jerry something really interesting to write about he'd win a prize or something.
It will be good for him so enjoy. I am sure the subject will move on to something more interesting than me soon. check out jerrysplace.


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You're worth it

It's about time sombody knew you besides me.
Thanks spidy