Le Teen Angst

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I want to get out. Out of this body, out of my school, out of this town.

I want to go far away, where I never have to see all the things that crush my hope and spirit.

I want to go somewhere where I can sleep, and live, and be without having to set up a defensive line.

I want the people I love to stop hurting. I want to be strong enough to protect them.

I want to be comfortable with myself.

I want to sleep.

I want to be done with my homework.

I want it to be summer.

I want to cry and have someone there for real, not just on the phone.

I want to stop wanting to cry.

I want the welt-things on my torso to go away.

I want my eyes to stop hurting.

Okay, I believe I've been petulant enough now. I shall be quiet, and go do my homework. (For real this time.)


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Creepily enough thats

Creepily enough thats exactly how i feel right now...