"Lesbian Hot, Regular Hot"

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In continuation to my post from yesterday I have the jokes T makes, recurring feelings for C, and "Lesbian Hot, Regular Hot" game to discuss.

I'll start with the game S created-- "Lesbian Hot, Regular Hot." Yesterday during spanish C and I [as in, me] were telling S that she is pretty and should like herself more. I added "You are, I should know." She laughed and then pulled out a piece of paper and was like "Ok, let's play a game, Lesbian Hot or Regular Hot. I'll name off people and you tell me what they are." I giggled and said "Ok." She wrote down the categories on paper, which made me uneasy. Sure, the people who knew were around me, but there was also 30 other students in the class that didn't. She started writing the names at the top of the paper, I'd tell her, and then she'd put them in the category. Eventually, I took the paper and crumpled it-- I didn't want people to see it, you know?

It was funny because they asked me a few people and I'd be like "LH" and they'd be all shocked and quickly look at that person. It was pretty funny, but I suppose you had to be there. Then later S called me about something on Golden Girls [one of the best shows ever!] and I told her I made other categories: LH for lesbian hot; LC for lesbian cute; RH for regular hot; RC for regular cute, and N for none of the above.

Me: "I like how you didn't ask me about C." S: "Because I already know, it's an LH for sure!" Me: "Yeah, it's an LH exclamation point."

I'll leave the other two for later. [This is branching out into chapters.] I have to finish some shit for art.

Oh, and apparently I won the Demske writing contest at our school. In one category, and was just one of the winners or something. It was on some short story I had to submit due to English assignment. I don't like it, it's too forced, you know? I didn't do it because I felt like writing, I did it because I had to. I hate forced writing. They want me to publish it in the school magazine. If it won, sure, but if I'm just one of the selections and shit, then I don't know... 5/6 of the kids probably got their shit chosen to get published... you know?
I'm a cynic.


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That game is quite a good

That game is quite a good idea. Can't wait for the next 'chapter', must be fun!. About the forced writing, well, good luck with that!