My newfound fantabulousness

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Hey everyone! well i just found out on sunday that the guy i liked didn't return the sentiment, largely due to the fact that he had found a new guy over said weekend. but instead of being distraught, as i usually am in these sort of situations, i just took a step back and realized that it was pointless to pine over something that could never be, and that i shouldn't wish for something that cannot ever be. this led to a series of realizations about how i've just been worrying and frittling my life away worrying about impressing people, especially guys. so ultimately what i came to realize is that i am supremely fantabulous and that i shouldn't let people or things get me down! so that's led to my ressurection of my old positive self! so YAY for me!!!! loL!!!!!! so yeah me and the guy are gonna keep being friends because nothing really physical came between us, and i think that's best for the both of us. but i'm really glad he told me so that i can refocus my attentions on looking for someone who actually wants and loves me. so if you know anyone interested let me know! ; D HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA just kidding!! I'm not that desperate! and i LOATHE set-ups! so anways i'm tired so i'm gonna grab a few winks before i have to do some homework! caio my lovlies!




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I hate when they say things

I hate when they say things like that but there's some new found interest in my lil world. just things are hinting me, but I dont know but not gonna say things because of an organization that I have ties to is homophobic....

but Yea just trying to find my rounds on here...

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It's chemistry, not a competition. If he had felt it, he wouldn't have been open to finding a new guy.

You always need to be true to yourself, and not try to change yourself in any way to be more accepted by anyone else, etc. At the end of the day, your boyfriends and friends are going to know the real you anyway, so may as well bring that person out first.

I would avoid declarative statements, though. You and this guy could still get physical and not date, date at a later point, whatever. All you know about is now. No projecting into the future.

Hmm, I think it would be interesting if you and hellonwheels got together, got into some sort of friends with benefits thing and posted journals here about your first, tentative sexual exploits. You know, just as a public service. :-)


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Lol. I think that would be a

Lol. I think that would be a stretch. For one thing, Seattle is a big place, for another, they might not even like each other if they met, and (if you want a third, though you've probably stopped reading by now) if they did have sex, I doubt they would post about it so publicly.

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ya for fantabulousness!

yay for fantabulousness! I love it when I have sudden epiphanies. It's like "Whoah!" why did I not see what was right in front of my the whole time. (Sometimes, you gotta focus in on stuff when it's right in front of it." good for you!

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haha...tight man...

Kinda sux about you and kip, but w/ goes on...least you got your positive attitude for me, I'm still trapped in my usual downward spiral of pessimism leading to I dunno what's up w/ pride this year...ask jordin...I think they moved it back???

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Well, it's good that you

Well, it's good that you were able to kinda step away from it all and look at things clearly... hahahha and yea... maybe you and hellonwheels... lol hahahahahha! Just kidding! Naw, just do what feels right for you. :)

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umm... pride

well here's what i know for pride this year....

since i just won a shitload of money in scholarship from pride last week i will be marching this year.... it's on june 24th as far as i know.... from the stuff i heard at the foundation last weekend though things seem to still be a pretty big mess in terms of planning and organizing...