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hehe...well i got ahold of a comp. YAY!!!

i'm at my cousins house and so i get to use his computer. i just got back from going with my cousin to WalMart...& i gots to drive :D

so yeah. we went to the mall today. i had a reason to go down, but stupid me...forgot my application at lei's house and so i ended up just crusing around the mall with her and my other friend Aja and looking for clothes for lei to use to go to work.

it was fun....i got to do a lot of "sight-seeing" hehe if ya know what i mean ;p...i bought a blue spaghetti strap and some pants to wear if i ever get an interview soon lol.

oOo i also got to get a Bailey's shake at Haagen lovers Bailey's shake :D...but the sad thing though was that...well the other times that i've gone to get a shake, i checked out the girl that was working there and she was working today...&& she looked real different like...idk she didn't look that good anymore (not to be mean or anything but it was true). i guess it was because it looked like she had a bunch of hickeys around her neck or brusies...idk it didn't look to good :(

ah well...blah. hehe oh yeah. thanx all who commented my post...especially Ruby lol...i love reading your comments lol and i hope too that you can meet someone :)

i'm thinking of taking a vacation over the summer. 'cause we're supposed to have a SuperFerry open that goes from my island to another island. so i was thinking that i can ask my dad if we can go spend sometime at the other island for a week or two...idk i need some alone time and relax. maybe i'll find someone or just find out more about myself. *shrug* idk whatever happens...happens. anyone wanna join me? lol ;p

OMG...i found out today that we're not gonna have senior quotes...which i am sooo pissed about because that's one thing that i've been looking forward to next to my senior portrait... :(....i am soooo mad at out class president. i wanna protest. 'cause they changed what we're gonna wear in out portrait for out yearbook pic and now...NO quotes....i'm pisssed.

ah that reminds me that sign ups are tomorrow for portrait appointments...

well. if anything else happens i'll update in class tomorrow...if not then i'll try and come back on another time in class :)

see ya...take cares :D


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:o) thanx cutie!

*blush*, i feel so special! teehee...
sorry to hear that the chick at the ice-cream shop went from cute to freaky. maybe she just likes it a little rough? just think about how if u were with her, u would only give her one hickey (on an exposed body part)... then she'd look classy, not trashy ;-)
i would love to join u on vacation my little hawaiian princess! sometimes it just takes a week or 2 completely away from all the responsibilities, people, and other stresses in our lives... to really calm down, put things into perspective, and feel refreshed. i know this because i haven't had a relaxing vacation in a year-and-a-half, and i feel myself getting more and more crazy! XD
sorry to hear about the banishing of senior quotes, that's bullshit! u put 4 years into the school, u'd think they could let u have a say in ur own senior yearbook...

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hehe :) ...hickeys.

hehe :)
...hickeys. interesting lil things lol. you should go on a vacation!! :)

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"