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Hi Guys!

Just wanted to show everyone the finished cover for the new edition of Orphan's Quest that Glynworks Publishing (my new publishing house) is releasing on August 31st. Karent Petrasko ( did the artwork and our own Under Darkness did the graphics. I'm very pleased with it. It's definitely a big improvement over the previous cover and a HUGE improvement over the original one. Karen will be doing the covers for all three books of the trilogy so they'll all make a nice-looking set. Unlike the self-published editions, this one is going to get the full marketing treatment and should start appearing in bookstores and libraries this fall and winter. Then at the End of November, Scion's Blood will be released. I'm excited, not just about the books, but about the publishing house. It's called Glynworks Publishing, and my plan is to eventually publish gay-themed works by other Fantasy and Sci-Fi authors. Maybe some of you will have your first works published under the Glynworks imprint. That would be totally cool. First thing's first, though. I have to get my own trilogy published and pulling in enough money so that I can start looking at other people's manuscripts. Still, the whole idea has me really stoked.

Anyhoo, just had to share. Have I told you half of this stuff already? If so, I apologize. My memory is a bit wonky.

Ciao for now!

Patrick (CEO & Executive Editor, Glynworks Publishing) :-)


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The new cover looks great!

Sidera cadentia somnos suadent.
(Aeneid 2.9)