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I think I mentioned some time back that the coffeeshop where I work will be closing after some 70 years in the same location. I think that's a shame and we tried to change the minds of the city councel but it just didn't happen. There is a couple who come in here that are in their late eighties. They met in this coffeeshop over 60 years ago. George said if he was younger and had enough money he'd "buy the land right out from under this damned town" and let the coffeeshop be.
Starting in June, I will be working at a new senior community that is just being finished. I was hired as a waiter. It's a pretty nice place but the greatest thing about it is that Jerry is also going to be working with me. I guess out of every bad deal comes a little good. My grandmother used to say that and it seems she may have been right after all these years.
I was off last night so Jerry and I met for some dinner at the coffeeshop and then headed for the mall. We just hung out with some straight friends from school. Two guys from Jerry's school and a girl and a guy from my school. It is amazing how mainstream we can be when we want to be.
Saturday Jerry and I are going to go find him a car. All he has to drive now is his dad's Silverado and that is only if his dad isn't using it. Jerry has saved up some money and he really likes my car so I'm going to try to find him something similar. I have a Pontiac Grand Prix GT.
Jerry was in really good spirits last night but a visit to his mom after the mall brought him down again. I don't really know what to do about that. It has him on an emotional rollercoaster. He is generally a real funny guy and fun to be with but there is that dark side that comes out each time he visits her. I wish I could change things for him.
We got to the nursing home about 7:30 and as usual she is all smiles as we enter her room. She loves company but we always have to remind her who we are. I find that medically amazing. I mean her brain is so blown out that her memory can't sustain a thought for more than five minites. If we are there for a half an hour we have to tell her again and again that Jerry is her son and I am his friend. Each time I just watch Jerry go down and down until by the time we leave it is all he can do to hold his tears past the reception desk. I have to hold him and just let him cry. Sometimes I feel like crying too because it is such an endless cycle. I guess you never get over having your mom forget who you are.
Jerry's mom is an attractive 43 year-old caucasian woman who married his dad, a Korean man born in Seoul. So Jerry is half Korean and half Austrian on his mom's side. I think that is what makes Jerry so attractive. He has these slightly Korean eyes with a light complexion and these huge black eyelashes that seem to plump up to double their size when wet from tears. If it were not for the tears you'd never know he was unhappy. He gets a silent calm in his sadness from his dad.
I know it would be perfect if it were possible to get his mom in at the new retirement community where we will both be working. They will have a special wing for nursing care residents but the cost is too high. They don't accept Medicare or Medicaid so it would have to be all out of pocket and that could be thousands a month.
Jerry and I sat in the car and talked for a while after we left the nursing home. Then we drove over to the coffeeshop and messed with Millie for a while. Millie is one of the older waitresses that has worked there for years and she actually enjoys us teasing her I think. She lost her husband about four years ago and has a small place a few miles from the coffeeshop. She still drives the 1972 Buick that her husband bought new and I recently did an oil change on it for her. It runs surprisingly well to be so old. I promised to replace the choke spring on it for her next weekend because it's shot and it runs like hell when it's cold. Somehow though she has it down to a science. She can get it started and keep it running until it warms up even in the coldest of weather. She said she just though it was old and cantankerous until I told her it needed a choke assembly. I'm pretty good at working on old cars but the computers on the newer ones like mine give me indigestion.
After the last customer left and we locked up, Jerry and I helped Millie get the place swept up and ready to close.
I know Jerry and I need a little more intimate time but that is really hard to come by. We'll just have to wait until we can go camping again or something. By that time we will both be stark-raving sex maniacs.
I got home about 10:30 and mom was still up working on some paperwork. I turned on the news very quietly so I didn't disturb her. After a while she walked over to the couch and dropped a paper from Chucky's school onto my lap. It was from his health class and the top of the paper said, "Mastication and Health".
Mom had me rolling on the floor laughing when she told me that Chucky had come home from school announcing that they had a test on Masturbation and Health.
She asked me to talk to him so he didn't make that mistake again. That is what is so strange about not having dad around. I get to do all the boy-sex dirty work.
Chucky is Fourteen so I assume he knows what Masturbation is. Right?
WRONG! he knew what it was but had never used quite that word for it.
ME: "Chuck, what is this word?"
CHUCK: "You know. You prolly do it enough!"
ME: "Ah, Yeah I do. Every time I eat."
*he turns to his brother and laughs impishly*
ME: "Read the word."
CHUCK: "Mas-tur-ba-tion." he says quietly under his breath.
ME: "No! Mas-ti-ca-tion. MasTIcation means to chew your food."
CHUCK: "Do what?"
ME: "It means the act of chewing, not wanking you idiot. I'll use it in a sentence. WHEN YOU FINISH MASTICATING YOUR COOKIE, YOU'LL PROBABLY MASTURBATE YOUR WEENIE BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP.
CHUCK: "No way! Did Mom tell you what I said?"
I just grinned big with all my teeth and closed his door.

I know, it's unfair. The word gods shouldn't make words that sound so similar and mean something so different.


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lol, just mastication for me

lol, just mastication for me today.

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