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I am really annoyed right now. The past few days I've been looking forward to going to a bookstore and hopefully getting "Keeping you a secret" and "Empress Of The World" I even asked Jake to go with me later in the week. So tonight I came on the internet went to the mall's home page to make sure the bookstore is still there...and to my surprise its not. So now I'm extreemly dissapointed, I've really been looking forward to getting them. There's another mall close by with a small bookstore, but I went there a couple of months ago and they didn't have them either. So now I'm uterly screwed. I don't know what to do. I can't buy from the internet cause I don't have a credit card. It may not seem like a big deal to You but I've been looking forward to reading those books especially Keeping you A Secret....I'm gonna go cry again....Okay not really but I'm gonna piss and moan in my head...


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oOo i love those books. if

oOo i love those books. if you wanted i could send them to you to read?/? idk i don't mind lending it out 'cause those are really good books to read :) so if ya want i can send it to you to read. *shrug* just a suggestion.

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