Oh Dear Lord, Why?!

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Well. Hello again. Been a while since my llast entry. I know, I know... But.. God, everythings's become sooooo complicated!

My best friends in the world dosn't like eachother. Okay, I can live with that. But I can't handle that they can't be in the same room without getting into some sort of argument over nothing, and talking behind eachothers back to me. Even though I constantly tell them that it isn't the best idea to tell me as I don't feel the same way?

But. Yesterday I was drinking with two of my good friends, a couple that I was friends with before they started dating. (alcohol limit in Denmark is 16.) And today we had a day off. Which was fine. We figured it might be fun getting drunk, have a bit of a sleepover and buying breakfast together.

And it was really fun... We drank, and laughed and listened to great music. Then later when we were all pretty wasted the guy gives me a hug, looks at me and kisses me. Well, I was drunk, and I know he was too, but still... then, cheers on his girlfriend to kiss me... I mean... whoa? They have some sort of agreement that it's okay kissing with me for some reason. "Oh well, she's gay, dosn't mean a thing!"

I've kissed them before (again, in drunken fun) But the girl leans into me and says: 'it's so sweet that you think I'm the hottest girl you've kissed'!
I told him that she was.. But she wasn't supposed to know that! God, I felt awkward.. But It's okay, we all know that it's only in a friendly manor, and I don't mean anything by kissing either of 'em.

Buuut. We can't leave it there now can we? I woke up this morning and to to the bathroom, and while looking in the mirror what's looking back at me? A HUGE set og hicky's... Thanks for that... ARGH! I then ask who of them had done it.. and she raises her hand.. To make matters worse, I'm going to see my mom next weekend, and I have a feeling they won't be gone by then... Damn...

My best friend seriously hates my friends from last night... So I'm not sure at all what I'm gonna tell her... Hicky's? What?! I dunno what youre talking about.. Oh that.. I um... had a fight with a vacumer? :S

I'm just really torn.. I mean I don't want her to think I've chosen another girl over her... (Though she really is beautiful?)

This is just too weird... I'm at a total loss... Too much weirdness for my taste


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This has future three-way written all over it.


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I agree

sounds like you guys are on course to have a three way

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hahahahahaa I agree. I think

hahahahahaa I agree. I think you're all gonna end up fucking. (Ooops! did I just say "fucking"?)

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God I hope not... :S

God I hope not... :S