One good thing about music

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When it it hits you you feel no pain.
One good thing about music
when it hits ya you feel no pain
So hit hit me with music
Hit me with music now yea
hit me with music
brutalize me with music.

I absolutely love them, and that part of the song right now makes me feel a bit better.

I've been very numb or the past three days.
My own fault because I'm pushing all feeling away trying to escape it.

Wednesday my crush told me her friend asked her out and she accepted.
Which really wouldn't be so bad except that said friend is a girl.
I was very prepared for her to start going out with this guy she was going on about.
But no it was a girl.

I'm rather hurt, and angry, I actually ended up punching a wall after I got the news.

I don't understand, was I not good enough?
Did I do something wrong?
I just.. I really don't know.
[To clarify: A few days prior she said she still liked me]

I'm not going to dwell anymore.
Its bad for my all ready tightly stretched mental health.
Plus I'm out of cigarettes.

I think I really need to talk to her, and get all this shit off my chest.
Maybe then I can finally get over her.

Advice would be appreciated.
As long as it isn't that I need to let her go.
I know that.
My friends say that every time they see me lol.
I love them.


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it sucks when you know the only answer is time will tell.

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i love that song too, and Sublime, but u know "Trenchtown Rock" was originally written by Bob Marley... check it out.

i know how u feel... my ex clearly expressed that she liked me, then ditched me for some other chick. i was extremely mad at her for blowing me off and breaking my heart. i hate her, but i still have feelings for her. my friends also say "let her go", but it's not that easy, and they just don't get that.
*hugz* and good luck hun ;o)