Our new Jobs

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Our new jobs at the retirement community will begin a week from next monday. I understand they already have the place 75% filled. It's going to be so cool because not only Jerry and I will be working there but both Millie and Marsha from the coffee shop have been hired also.
We will al be working in the dining room as servers and kitchen assistants. I don't know about the hours yet or whether any of us will be working the same but I assume since Jerry and I are both in school it will be after school for both of us. During the summer the hours may be different though.
I'm glad Jerry joined Oasis. It will be fun to see what he writes about after he gets over his trillogy on me.
Jerry had his dad's pickup so he left a little while ago. He needs to spend some time with his dad too for a while. I guess I am lucky that I have three brothers and my mom. I can't imagine what it must be like to go home to just your dad after such a sad experience in your household. I could tell he was kind of dreading it. I told him to just get the TV on and watch something or listen to some good sounds. That is what I have to do when I am not feeling good emotionally. I have to have things going on around me. Of course with three brothers that's not hard to come by.
I'll call later and maybe pick him up and we'll go get some coffee and a burger or something.
Wish we still had the coffee shop to hang out at. Sometimes, especially Millie can really lift your spirits. That's why I am so glad she'll be working with us at the community. Even though she is old enough to be my grandmother, she is fun to be with. She has a great sense of humor and if anyone has figured me and Jerry out yet I am sure she will be the first.
I guess I better go get stuff set up for dinner. Mom will be home in an hour and Chuck is still at school. I have to pick up the little one.
Now if I could just teach the cat to feed the dog and visa versa, I'd have it made.


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Yea I know it just sucked

Yea I know it just sucked being the only one here the day my mom told me my father passed away I can play it back in my mind like a DVD, Kind of scary at times glad that you have Jerry!